Hair Transplants to Grow in Pakistan <br />Hair transplantation is for hair loss patients. The procedure is to alleviate the effects of hair loss and hair fall on the personality. The effects are psychological, social and cosmetic on an individual. Hair transplants do not give immediate result. When someone decides for surgery, one must thinks and understands that the procedure is not a magic and transplanted hair will grow slowly and usually hair growth starts after three months from the procedure. There is a time limit for hair restoration to grow and in some cases there are months to wait for full result. Transplanted follicles growth varies from person to person. Pakistan hair transplant institute produced impressive result for the last many years. Hair replacement surgeon at cosmetic surgery clinic Pakistan creates nicks on the day of procedure and follicles are implanted into these nicks. These follicles are taken from the back and sides of the scalp which is called donor area. These hairs are strong and genetically immune and do not fall in later life. There is slight discomfort while administrating local anesthesia. Tiny cuts or nicks heal quickly. The donor and recipient area will remain numb for few days and fatty tissue underneath the scalp would be the home of these new transplanted hairs. After hair transplants, fragile hair in the recipient area would shed and the healing of the scalp takes place in few days. Hair shedding is normal process as new follicles are assimilating to new environment. Some grafts take five months to show growth activity and there should be no panicking at this stage. Hair Transplant in Pakistan is being performed by experienced hair restoration surgeon with same international standard and techniques.