Horrorcaused are from Liverpool England. We are a Six-piece thrash/heavy metal band. The band formed in late 2010 and started to practice in early January. With brutal vocals, powerful bass lines, catchy heavy riffs and high tempo, solid beats Horrorcaused is one for the future. Watch this space metal fans! <br /><br />After spending 18 years in a mental asylum for reasons unknown Adolf or prisoner 2866 walked free.. with very little rioting, whilst inside he studied the art of necromancy and decided to raise an army of the dead.. When that didn't work he decided to raise some of the evilst members of the beyond to join a band, <br /><br />Dave the nazi zombie who was shot in the throat.. forcing him only to be able to scream rocking noises. <br /><br />Dibbit, an experiment from a lab in russia, they where trying to breed half men half ladders when it failed.. they burried the result only to be raised to smash some skins and bells by Adolf... <br /><br />for guitars he ressurected the zombie only know as petal as he has flowers growing out of every hole... EVERY hole and Phirry 薑無無價值之物的蛇神,他決不去世 .. 不過作為一塊薑他不是活著的 .. <br /><br />And on bass John smith, the man who was ritually killed by african villages for crimes against anything and everything with a vagina. <br />Together they formed Horrocaused.