French then English <br />« HILAL ET STARS » de Toulouse est une association loi 1901.<br />Elle a pour objet de lier l’utile à l’agréable par le biais de cours, stages et animations, spectacles.<br />Rassembler du plus petits au plus anciens.<br />Fédérer les passionnés de musique, danses, arts, cultures maghrébines et orientales et informer les novices.<br />Diffuser les informations liées à la culture maghrébines et orientales par tous les moyens de communications, danses, arts, musiques, cultures pour les faire connaître aux autres cultures.<br />Initier les plus petits aux rythmes, percussions et danse Maghrébines et Orientales afin d’éveiller leurs sens.<br />Faire connaître des artistes, intervenants culturels ou passionnés.<br />******************************************************<br />HILAL&STARS is a french not for profit cultural organization.<br />Hilal and Stars is committed toward the awareness and the regeneration of cultural and artistic expressions related to Oriental and North African Cultures, by gathering artists and interested people involved through diverse fields such as music, dancing, Arts and cultural practices .<br />It actively promotes a greater awareness of this large arabic culture toward other cultures by offering lessons, trainings, activities and performances in its diverse artistic fields and other means of diffusion such as encounters and thematic events.<br />Among else Hilal and stars also aknowledge that each generation should have the opportunity to create its own language by discovering diverse cultural approaches, therefore Hilal and Stars gives a particular attention on activities that arouse the senses of Children through an initiation into North African and Oriental rhythm, perussions and/or dancing.<br />Finally it seeks to encourage and support creativity and creative emerging projects resulting from these encounters; and to facilitate the introduction of local artists, cultural trainers and devooted people to a large public.