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A journey!
Best Diaspora Europe-caraïbes - ¬ KORA All African Music Award Winner 2003
Best - Diaspora Europe-caraïbes - KORA All African Music Award Nominee 2004
Swedish qualifications “ Melodifestivalen “ - EUROVISION Song Contest Finalist 2005

GROUP AVALON is composed of two brothers who are of Swedish and Congolese origin.

Avalon has evolved in Stockholm in Sweden for four years and on a professional level for three years.
Coming from a great musical family, music and dance has always been omnipresent in their life.
Influenced on one hand by the Congolese music, and on the other hand, by music broadcast on radios and televisions nowadays, Avalon is like others of the ”MTV generation ". Djo, the oldest of the brothers is very quickly passionate in music, in particular hip hop. He starts to write Rap texts at a very young age and forms hip-hop groups everywhere he lives. Moe has a passion for song. He pursues his studies and receives his bachelor's degree in music and song from the Music Conservatory in Stockholm.

Group Avalon really makes “the world move”!

The first single of Avalon "Le Monde Bouge", make it possible for the group to gain the price for Best Diaspora Europe- Caribbean act at the KORA- All African Music Awards in Johannesburg December, 6 2003. The event was seen live on TV by some 650 million people around the world. Avalon shared the stage with other famous artists such as R Kelly, Ludacris, Angie Stone, Miriam Makeba and Koffi Olomide.

By the time of KORA 2004, Group Avalon again answered the call!

For this occasion, nominated for their song "Mama Africa" in the same category, the group performed at the prestigious venue Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg alongside great figures of African Music such as Salif Keita, V.I.P, Djouna Big One, Felix Wazekwa and Thandiswa Mazwai. The event was seen by more than 700 million television viewers in 80 countries. Until today Avalon still is of interest to the eyes of the South-African people, its representations are always of topic.

The first album makes its appearance, "Excalibur", launched in December 2004 to Africa.

The sale reaches nearly 50 000 specimens (in central Africa only) the group affirms its presence as one of the most promising hip hop group Africa and its Diaspora.

This continuation of events made it possible Avalon to acquire an international fame.
Several radio and television stations in Sweden, France, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo, Nigeria, Uganda, Angola, Cap Verde and other countries regularly diffuse the music of the group.

Eurovision Song Contest 2005

Thanks to their Song "Big Up", Group Avalon has entered the big league in Sweden, appearing in the Swedish qualifications for the Eurovision Song Contest; Melodifestivalen 2005. “Melodifestivalen” remains on a national scale the biggest and most seen annual event in Sweden. The single”big up" is a success, keeping a permanent place in the "Top 20" Swedish charts during nearly 5 weeks. The Compilation reaches triple platinum, with a sale around 160 000 copies.

Fights for peace

Group Avalon is at the head of the foundation having organized the music Festival "Youth for Peace" in democratic Republic of Congo the summer 2004 at the International Fair of Kinshasa. Thanks to the support of the Congolese government and local organisations, more than 30 artists were involved in the festival. The major objective was to give a message of peace and joy of living to the youth. Thousands of young people attended the concerts and the Festival was also broadcast on national TV channels, making it possible for millions of people to follow the show.

Afro-Viking 2006/2007

A single is launched in August 2005, a version of "Pata pata", for the honour of the African “icon” Miriame Makeba. The song is well received by the author and is frequently diffused on Swedish and African radio stations. The Swedish public discovers and appreciates the African musical universe presented by Avalon. All this allowed, in June 2006, to make the Swedish citizens discover the group "Magic System". The latter performed in collaboration with group Avalon, in a prestigious venue of the capital.
Avalon starts to work on their second album entitled "Afro-Viking" in collaboration with several African artists such as Werra its and Kaysha.
The first single of the album "Afro Viking" is entitled "Independence".
"Independence" is a song that the group wrote for the Congolese people, its new generation and new awaiting in term of dignity, freedom and democracy. This song was made for the result of the presidential elections of 2006.
The second is called Rotation and has the new “Afro-viking” sound, a Fusion between Afro and dance music.

"AfroViking" is to be released by summer 2007.

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