Michael Eibinger

I am Freelancer an can be booked for all kinds of live and studio bass jobs. For more information please visit my website www.groovedoctor.at or contact me via mail: office@groovedoctor.at

Visit my Band Websites:


CHRIS ChrisRala
Happy New year !
2 years ago by CHRIS ChrisRala
۞ SnÔÔpy ۞
Hello Michael, i've watched your last Bass Cover Videos, great achievements & touch. If you want you can join my music group, special Compo,
Cover and Live performance.


I always try to support more Musicians, because Music is essential for our lives.

Have a nice Sunday, CU Mr Bass ... SnOOpy
2 years ago by ۞ SnÔÔpy ۞
Hello, thank you for your friendship here. Your channel is very cool. So much talent here!
2 years ago by LeSCINTILLA
Salut Groovedoc, ta chaine est superbe. J'espere que tu vas bien.
2 years ago by LeSCINTILLA

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