Christian Chiarani

I am a huge fan of Godzilla,DragonBall Z, Halo 3, and Call of Duty. <br />FAQ: <br /><br />Q: Where do you buy your figures? <br />A: Ebay, duh. <br /><br />Q:Who do you like better, Ultraman or Godzilla? <br />A: I like them both the same amount <br /><br />Q: How do you break glue seals? <br />A: Find a gap in the glue and yank that part like breaking a twig. <br /><br />Q: How do you do stop motion? <br />A: Take a bunch of pictures and speed them upto a certain speed with a software like Windows Movie Maker. <br /><br />Q: Why do you make these videos? <br />A: I make them for the fun of it and the challenge of making good videos. <br /><br />"doe u want to doez sub 4 sub?! :D" <br /><br />No I don't do that sub 4 sub shit. I sub who i feel that their videos are good. <br /><br />About Me: I am a typical 15 year old teen who is a fan of Godzilla, Ultraman, Gamera, and other Sci Fi and Kaiju related stuff. If you call me a nerd i am not going to deny it. I am a nerd in real life, but not at school. I was 8 years old when i was hit by a drunk driver, i know its sad but i did not break any bones. I am one lucky SOB. If you like my videos please subscribe. You do not have to if you don't want to. I am also a fan of Pro Wrestling, WWE TNA, and any other crap. I know its fake but it is exciting to watch. Enjoy my Videos! Rate, Comment, and Subscribe =D. <br /><br />My best friends on youtube are Deadzilla, CJAproductionsINC, 4Tankzilla, KaijuNoMura, and how could i forget SpiderKing389. You guys rock! <br /><br />In Case this account is deleted, i will always be with you guys on my new channel link below: <br /><br />