Go! Go! Nihon started in 2009 as a project to make the process of coming to Japan for studying and living a much easier task than before. <br /><br />We wanted to share the experience of <b>living in Japan as a language student</b> with as many people as possible, without them having to die from paperwork. <br /><br />We thought it was high time for someone to make the process of coming to Japan an easier task, because we know that there are people out there that want to go, but just doesn't have the time or energy to make all the necessary research and preparations all by themselves. <br /><br />That's why we created Go! Go! Nihon. <br /><br />Our goal is to become the benchmark for providing services to people who want to live and study Japanese in Japan. With our help, you can find a <b>school that suit your needs</b> to make you become a <b>great speaker of Japanese</b> while having the experience of a lifetime. <br /><br />Go! Go! Nihon offers several services to the Japanese language schools that live up to our teaching quality standards, to help them to attract more students because we strongly belive that is worth to study in those schools. Unlike other services out there, we don't charge extra for our services because we believe that everyone that wishes to <b>come to Japan</b> should have this chance. <br /><br />We also make sure you pay the same, up-to-date or even lower tuition fee compared to if you applied directly to the school and doing all the research and preparations on your own. <br /><br />Follow us on FACEBOOK http://facebook.gogonihon.com <br />Follow us on TWITTER http://twitter.gogonihon.com