Hi... My name is Gena... <br />I like making movies and I am a voice actress. <br />I have a you tube account on this same name, so, yeah... The person who is reading, I hope you aren't a stalker... I hang out with friends, I'm the leader of the pack, I'm fucking funny, and I'm awesome. Stop! Stop making fun of my retardedness LOL XD. Boys like me I guess at school, but they won't ask me out because I intimidate them too much. POO! For the 1st time, I'm random. Usually this is what happens when I say POO! <br />Me: Poo! <br />Fwend 1: Diareahha! <br />Fwend 2: Pee! <br />Me: Pepto-Bismal <br />hahaha, my group is retarded! But we are really smart kids though <br /><br />Talents : Singing, Sony Vegas, Videogames ( I will pown you homie!), that's it pretty much. Oh, n how could I forget?! Sims 2 beotch!