The Triple Threat (Phone, Web and Mobile) <br /><br />One Solution for Multiple Platforms <br /><br />The Problem: Trying to reduce costs while staying connected with your customers on their platforms with content they NEED. Wasting time searching multiple vendors for each platform is expensive and inconsistent. The Solution: Introducing Abby, the single solution for handling IVR, web, virtual avatars, and mobile applications. One engine that interacts conversationally with your customers and seamlessly integrates multiple platforms to reduce costs up to 80% and increase revenue. Abby uses a build in CRM and analytics package to produce valuable reports and more customer knowledge than you could ever imagine. <br /><br />GetAbby: GetAbby is a leading provider of artificially intelligent, natural language, enhanced Interactive Voice Response (e-iVR) solutions. GetABBY enables organizations of all sizes to quickly deploy powerful telephony applications. Abby is a Multi Channel Dialogue Platform, that enables you to build, deploy, and manage your customer touch points. More than 1,000 customers turn to ABBY’s patented suite of applications to enhance customer service and marketing using intelligent speech recognition that can automate most phone (and web) based interactions. With an innovative Internet-based solution (that requires no investment in hardware, software, or human resources) GetABBY balances the need for high quality communications with affordable pay-as-you-go pricing. <br /><br />Join the revolution. Learn more at