Isabelle is the founder of the Gemstone Therapy Institute and worldwide authority on gemstone energy medicine. She is an author, instructor, inventor, intuitive, and entrepreneur. <br /><br />In the 1980's, Isabelle pioneered gemstone sphere therapy and wrote her first book, "Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians," authored under the name Ginny Katz and co-authored with Michael Katz. This book represented the information that founded the company that is now Gemisphere, a premier source of therapeutic-quality gemstones. Then, from 2006 to 2009, Isabelle contributed new information to Gemisphere that allowed them to expand their line of therapeutic gemstones. <br /><br />In 2009, Isabelle began working on a way that anyone could benefit from healing gemstones, without having to purchase these rare gems. Her invention of Gemstone Energy Field Imprint technology imparts the energies of therapeutic gemstones into affordable, edible pills called GEMFormulas natural remedies. <br /><br />Isabelle has also founded the Isabelle Morton Gemstone Therapy Institute, which offers certification to those who complete the curricula. She offers her expertise as a Gemstone Therapist by appointment. <br /><br />Isabelle has written 10 books on liquid nutritional supplements, and her novel, "The Capstone Decision" is available at <br /><br />Author Links <br />Blog URL: <br />Business URL:, <br />Personal URL: <br /><br />Business/Social Networking Links <br />Facebook URL: <br />LinkedIN URL: <br />YouTube URL: