Gel candles, hand crafted since 2001 in Mentor Ohio. Proud to be American Made. Gellite gel candles are clearly different and are available in more than 34 fragrances and in a variety of sizes from our 8-10 hour gel tea lights to our 26oz jar which will burn for more than 250 hours.<br /><br />Many of the sizes are available as ocean scape candles where we hand place sand, seashells and even a glass gem to represent sea glass into the candle glass and then fill with our long lasting gel candle material that will burn 3-5 times longer than regular wax. This candle gel is scented throughout, providing you a great smelling candle that will last for a very long time.<br /><br />And unlike other brands where the beauty of their candle comes from a label, gel candles are translucent and actually glow from with, creating a unique burning experience for the candle lover. <br /><br />If you are looking for a unique candle experience, be sure to check out Gellite brand gel candles.