Gee Ray

Audio Digital Engineer Musician, Songwriter Producer, Web Master, Entrepreneur and Publisher. <br /><br />Gee Ray has been in the music business for over 20 years. He began his career performing with local bands on the high school and college campuses. Gee Ray also performed in many night clubs in and out of the Los Angeles area. <br /><br />During this time, Gee Ray got the opportunity to tour aboard with a Los Angeles based show group. Gee Ray has toured and performed overseas with various show and dance groups, for over a period of 4 years. <br /><br />Gee Ray has over 14 years of experience in the audio digital recording field, which involves two types of hardware. Computers with wave and midi recording software, and Electronic Keyboards with digital sound processing, better known as DSP. <br /><br />Today, Gee Ray incorporates both the Electronic keyboards and computers, to give him the maximum opportunity in creating the best possible digital sound recording. <br /><br />Over the past 14 years, Gee Ray has written, recorded and produced 3 CDs and has collaborated with many local recording artists such as: Papa Bear, Big D, Lil Dub, A R Base. He has also mastered many songs for various artist in the general area. <br /><br />Gee Ray subscribes to several magazines to stay abreast of current trends, and is a member of ASCAP as both a Writer and Publisher.