Garfum is an attempt at recreating the platform for all video sites to come. <br />The first thing that definently sets us apart from the rest is that we give you a completely free email account. No hidden fees no hassle. Next we have a full social networking system that allows you to make new friends, comment one another, look at each others Photo Galleries, and read blogs that others have written about themselves. We also have a store where you can purchase apparell and other items that can help us promote this website. <br />Don't forget, You Need to be Played to Get Paid! The more people you can get to become challengers, the HIGHER the CASH PRIZES will be! At the end of the month, after users have uploaded videos and voted on different videos , the Challenger with the video that has the highest MONTHLY points , will be sent to the Video Offs and recieve a CASH PRIZE! <br />SO JOIN GARFUM.COM NOW!!! <br />