Denver, United States
DISCLAIMER: I do not own or claim to own any of the content in the videos I post. The only reason I post most of what I do is because it would otherwise never be seen again. All copyrights are acknowledged.

Coming soon: Odds and ends from my VHS tapes of 1990s television.

UPDATE: WGN material is no longer being uploaded here. The link above is for certain material too risky for DM. Material that came here long ago will also be there.


AsdfDailymotion898's been nearly a year since I checked this account, much to my own amazement. Just wondering if you still go here?
6 years ago by AsdfDailymotion898
Danny J. Palmer
G'day mate!

I was just wondering if your "Local Television" group can include local TV clips from other countries or is it just restrict to US-only clips? Nice job on the group BTW!
6 years ago by Danny J. Palmer
Hey, do you happen to have any '90s ads or promos from any cable networks aside from what you've already posted?
6 years ago by lilydog88
Paul Burgos
Today's my 25th Birthday! Please Send me your best wishes!
6 years ago by Paul Burgos

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