Gaming For Two are two friends who play and review games together for the benefit of other fellow gamers. <br />We consist of two people: Andrew, and Ross. We both like playing video games(new and old), and we both enjoy making videos. <br />We have both made several videos in the past, and gave up on doing so. Now, we're ready to pick up where we left off, and start with a clean slate. <br />In addition to video game reviews/videos, occasionally there will be videos done by Chris that will be specifically movie related. <br /><br />Two video game related segments: <br />-Gaming For Two reviews: Two friends review a game, in an entertaining comedic fashion, as well as getting their point across. <br />-Game For Thought: Two friends discuss what to look forward to, and what they anticipate with upcoming/forthcoming video games. <br /><br />Other segment: <br />-Just A Movie Break: To take a break from video games, another friend discusses a movie, whether it be a review or a rant. <br /><br />Got a personal video request? Message us! <br />E-mail: