GameCenter CX (Retro Game Master in America) is a Japanese TV show about the trials and tribulations of Shinya Arino, part of a two-person comedy duo Yokio, as he plays his way through the toughest retro games out there (usually on the Famicom/NES), usually in one sitting. Unfortunately for Arino, he's not that great at video games - especially in the earlier episodes - sometimes so bad the crew even step in to help out. <br /><br />The series has a loose setting where Arino is a cheif, fighting for his job by playing through these challenges. This however is largely untouched in the series other than as the setting and the various 'promotions' Arino recieves throughout the episodes. <br /><br />In these episodes, there's a small segment or two to break up the episodes a bit. Usually these will be vists to arcades, game stores, modern game overviews and GameCenter CX related news. The series has numerous Japanese DVD releases, a very rare action figure, two games (one that even reached the US) on the DS (Retro Game Challenge and Retro Game Challenge 2: Arino's Challenge), an English dub of twelve episodes (although the opinion of this dub isn't that high by most fans fans) by Gawker/Kotaku.