Gaelle Buswel

GAELLE BUSWEL, Singer, Songwriter, composer and Guitarist, from Paris,France has just finished her Debut Album " YESTERDAY'S SHADOW " . The Album is a mix of Roots , Rock and Soul Music with a touch of Pop , that is powered by her Smoky Soulful Vocals and her hard driving ,percussive Rhythm Guitar . .. Of The 12 Compositions on the Album there are 10 Original songs that Gaelle wrote or co-wrote with a Texan Musician , NEAL BLACK , who is also featured as Gaelle's backing Guitarist and co -- producer/collaborator on the Album ..

GAELLE BUSWEL is not your typical Girl from France . You'll notice this Pretty Young French Girl prefers to sing in English, and She does it convincingly well, with plenty of feeling and Soul.. Probably because she grew up surrounded by the Music of Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker, Queen, Janis Joplin (thanks to her Parent's passion for Rock Music in the 70's) and now these powerful American influences are now reflected in her own Music ....

But what would you expect from a tall, blond girl with Coca-Cola coloured eyes who gets up on stage with a guitar and a big smile on her face? Not much, right? In fact, far from being the "just shut-up and look pretty" kind, it turns out to be a seismic and thermal shock --guaranteed to give you goose bumps in two and a half seconds flat...

Over the past 10 years GAELLE BUSWEL has performed with many Soul, Blues and Rock bands throughout France, England , Belgium ,,, Now GAELLE BUSWEL is on the Road ,,touring in support of her new Album " YESTERDAY'S SHADOW "which will certainly bring her a new Audience that will be as passionate for her as She is for "REAL MUSIC" with Quality , Heart and Soul ...

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