12 Tribes of Israel [ gen.49.8-12/ deut 33-7} <br /><br />1.Judah=Yahawadah=The Most High Praise,Thank You Most High-so called negros[gen 49.8-12 deut 33-7] <br /><br />2.Benjamin=Banyamyan=Son of the right-west indians[gen 49-27 deut 33-12] <br /><br />3.Levi=Lawya=Joined to me-haitians[gen 49.5-7 deut 33-8] <br /><br />4.Simeon=Shamiwan=Affliction heard-dominicans[gen 49.5-7] <br /><br />5.Zebulon=Zabalawan=Dwelling-guatemalans to panama[gen 49-13 deut 33.18-19] <br /><br />6.Ephraim=Ahparyam=Iam fruitful-puerto ricans[gen 49.22-26 deut 33.13-17] <br /><br />7.Manasseh=Manasham=Made to forget-cubans[gen 49.22-26 deut 33.13-17] <br /><br />8.Gad=Gad=Troop-north american indians[gen 49-19 deut 33.20-21] <br /><br /> 9.Reuben=Raawban=See it's a son-seminole indians[gen 49.3-4 deut 33-6] <br /><br />10.Napthali=Napathalya=My wresting-argentinians to chile[gen 49-21 deut 33-23] <br /><br />11.Asher=Ahshar=Happy-colombian to uruguay[gen 49-20 deut 33.24-25] <br /><br />12.Issachar=Yashshakar=He is hired-so called mexicans[gen 49.14-15 deut 33.18-19] <br /><br />Also some Italians,sicilians,scottish,&irish whose ancestry goes back to the Moors. Daniel 9-7.confusion of faces. Acts 2-5.all nation