Richard Williamson

All praises to Yahawah Ba ha sham Yahawashi , double honors to all the Elders of great mill stone and shalawam to all the brothers on the by ways and high ways pushing this truth.

Esau prepare for slavery Rev 13:9-10, Malachi 1:1-3 Rom 9:11-14 and 2/3 prepare to be slathered Zeck 13:8-10 rd .

A Man that knowingly sleeps with a man's woman commits adultery, fornication and homosexuality yet we are grown to believe that its OK to do so, were also program to believe ring, pastor & church make a wife big lie, sex make wife.

Women are not equal with men. Christmas, Easter,valentines are our slave masters pagan holiday's. Jer 7:18 too PS 96:5,

Men should not sex men nor women with women


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