a prophet of the lord that was ordained to bring forth truth according to the bible in all subject matters around who the real jew are according to the bible etc. we are men of the lord who are seeking for salvation and in that journey well as waking up our people the lord gods people from the darkness and of the lies that witch this society has poured upon our people witch consist of<br /><br />JUDAH SOCALLED AMERICAN NEGROES.<br /><br />BENJAMIN SOCALLED WEST INDIANS.LEVI SOCALLED HATIANS. SIMEON SOCALLED DIMINICANS.ZEBULON SOCALLED GUATAMALIAN TO PANAMA.EPHRAIM SOCALLED PUERTO RICANS.MANESSAH SOCALLED CUBANS.GAD SOCALLED NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS.REUBEN SOCALLED SIMINOLE INDIANS. NAPHTALI SOCALLED ARGENTINIAN TO CHILE.ASHER SOCALLED COLOMBIANS TO URUGUAYANS.ISSACHER SOCALLED MEXICANS. these are the twelve tribes of israel these are the only people that the lord is going to deliver only these people when wrath commeth shalawam