Festival Vibes

My idea behind Festival Vibes is to become a travel reporter, (citizen journalism) by going to festivals around Europe. <br />At each Festival I’m going to get some footage and take some photos of what’s happening on the streets, and what it is all about. <br /><br />Venice Carnival on February 19th - Fvibes.com

 <br /><br />Valencia, Fallas on March 14th - Fvibes.com

 <br /><br />Amsterdam, Queen's Day on April 30th - Fvibes.com <br /><br />Cannes Film Festival on May 13th - Fvibes.com 
 <br /><br />Glastonbury Festival on June 24th - Fvibes.com 
 <br /><br />Roskilde Festival on July 2nd - Fvibes.com <br /><br />Pamplona, the Running of the Bulls on July 5th - Fvibes.com <br /><br />The Palio of Sienna on August 16th - Fvibes.com <br />
 <br />Notting Hill carnival on August 30th - Fvibes.com <br /><br />Ibiza Closing Parties, end of September - Fvibes.com <br /><br />Munich, Oktoberfest on October 1st - Fvibes.com <br /><br />End the year with the Hogmanay in Edinburgh - Fvibes.com <br />