Festival Vibes


My idea behind Festival Vibes is to become a travel reporter, (citizen journalism) by going to festivals around Europe.
At each Festival I’m going to get some footage and take some photos of what’s happening on the streets, and what it is all about.

Venice Carnival on February 19th - Fvibes.com

Valencia, Fallas on March 14th - Fvibes.com

Amsterdam, Queen's Day on April 30th - Fvibes.com

Cannes Film Festival on May 13th - Fvibes.com 

Glastonbury Festival on June 24th - Fvibes.com 

Roskilde Festival on July 2nd - Fvibes.com

Pamplona, the Running of the Bulls on July 5th - Fvibes.com

The Palio of Sienna on August 16th - Fvibes.com

Notting Hill carnival on August 30th - Fvibes.com

Ibiza Closing Parties, end of September - Fvibes.com

Munich, Oktoberfest on October 1st - Fvibes.com

End the year with the Hogmanay in Edinburgh - Fvibes.com

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