Aleksandar Tomov

My name is Alexandar Tomov - junior and i'm freelance writer and film director who is looking for realization abroad. I'm from Bulgaria. I am looking for film agents, directors and people from the film industry from the Western world to evaluate my art and if they like it to help me get known to the public and to help me distribute my movies abroad. I make surreal and mystical cinema which expresses my ideas through symbols. Its primary purpose is to look deep into human subconsciousness, in the hidden desires and feelings, to solve them and to explore the strange ways by which, according to me, they guide life. These themes dominate also in the short stories I write. <br />Also I want to transfer my point in the sphere of advertising. I reckon that I have some non - standard and very good ideas concerning the promoting of different types of products that could remain steps in the memory of the customers and to realize bigger sales. I work completely alone.