Welcome to Funny Irish Voice Overs on Dailymotion! We are 2 brothers from Dublin in Ireland who take well knowen tv showes/soaps ect and by voiceing over them we turn them into comedy!

We are best knowen for our Funny Fair City Voice Overs. in 2007 we were spotted by an Irish Film Production Company who wanted to work with us but later dropped us due to a bigger project.

In May 2009 we were contacted again by another production company who offered us the oppertunity to showcase our talent Live in Temple Bar at Filmbase at the Synth Eastwood event. Which we did and it can be seen here on Dailymotion and on our YouTube channel, details of which are listed on the links below!

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Certified In Advanced Broadcasting:
Worked at 96fm for 4 and a half years.
now working both in radio and acting and have appeared in programmes on Ireland's National broadcaster RTE.


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