Freezemaster100<br /><br />The day you invest in the Freeze Master is the last day you ever do a tedious, time consuming drain down. With this compact, robust, portable electric pipe freezing machine you can isolate a faulty fitting, remove it, service or replace it and be off to your next job within half an hour. And all without draining down or even locating the shut-off valve. The Freeze Master is easy to use. Just connect the purposed designed freeze heads to the pipework, upstream and downstream of the area you want to work on. In a little under five minutes, two solid ice plugs can be formed allowing you to carry out your repair quickly and efficiently within the isolated area. This has no adverse effect on the pipes. At the end of the work, simply remove.<br /><br />pipe freezing kits, pipe freezing kit, pipe freezing spray,pipe freezing equipment, freezing pipe, pipe freezing systems,