Chris Franco
Vancouver, Canada
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Mr. Franco started Franco Kickboxing - Pankration in June 2004. Converting a school that formally known as a traditional Karate school to begin one of the most reputable Pankration dojo's in Canada.

Mr. Franco co-founded the very first school in Canada to teach Pankration and has competed at a world-class level. He has trained some of the top MMA fighters to come out of western Canada.

Mr. Franco currently has 8 Pro Fighters that he is training as well as over 20 amateur fighters with over 240 active students. Mr. Franco teaches 80% of all the classes and oversees all the training. With a flexible full time schedule his commitment is undeniable. Commitment is the first chapter in the book of excellence.

Other instructors include Paul 'The Mauler' Lazenby, Ken 'The Hitman' Tran, and Jeff Thornhill.


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