Hai ^-^ I will start doing roblox vids, Msg me on roblox (FangLight191) What place I should record in next :3 And get a chance to be on my vids by messaging me on!<br /><br />I thank some of my friends, for being a great person and a random person! When playing games on roblox xD My brothers, will also be using my roblox account and my dailymotion account to record!<br /><br />Twinkietweety<br />Shadewolf2001<br />SlaineX2<br />Mike324467<br />Ultraman361<br />Niftytrigo<br />Cupcakekiller7<br /><br />Will you be added next?<br /><br />2 People of the week: Mike324467 and Twinkietweety. I need to find some more peepz!