‘What does the modern woman want? Where does she fit in today’s world?’ <br /><br />Never before in our collective human history have so many women had such autonomy to construct a life of their own creation. Yet, the terraine is still rocky and 'choice' does not necessarily bring happiness, let alone freedom. Meanwhile, old models of femaleness still haunt women everywhere. <br /><br />In this six-hour tour de force, FLYING: CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN, master storyteller Jennifer Fox lays bare her own turbulent life to penetrate what it means to be a free woman today. As her drama of work and relationships unfolds over four years, our protagonist travels to over seventeen countries to understand how diverse women define their lives, when there is no map. Employing an ingenious new camera technique called, “passing the camera”, Fox creates a documentary language that mirrors the special way women communicate. The camera becomes a tool that deepens conversation and intimacy between filmmaker and subject – rather than a tool of separation, objectification and power. Boundaries are broken; the subject becomes both participant and creator. Over intimate conversations around kitchen tables from South Africa to California, Russia and Pakistan, Fox initiates a groundbreaking dialogue among over 100 different women, illuminating universal concerns across race, class and nationality. The film creates a cross-cultural story about common experiences of modern female life on issues such as love, socialization, marriage, work, childrearing, aging, violence, spirituality, death, politics. Part delectable soap opera, sociopolitical inquiry, and narrative experiments, FLYING sweeps us up into an addictive international adventure chronicled with sincerity, innovation and elegance. <br />