Flexible LED Curtain LED Video Wall

Here is Fisher Dakota in Shenzhen China, we are specializing in researching, developing and making flexible LED curtain display, if you are interested in, please contact me: mail/MSN: yuchao622@hotmail.com, skype: fisher201223, tel: 0086-186 8033 9086<br /><br />Flexible LED Screen Video Wall with flexible, light-duty, foldable and instand installation design for road show background, music tour led wall, stage video, vision and lighting decorate, advertisement led screen, and rental led display, mobile led screen is a new invention all over the world, this video is provided by Fisher, contact: yuchao622@hotmail.com, http://ledaliveshow.com<br /><br />for more detail info about flexible led screen, please visit http://www.ledaliveshow.com, http://mobile-led-screen.ledaliveshow.com, http://youtu.be/oFU49fyCi1g