Flexible LED Screen Mobile LED Display

Flexible LED Screen & Mobile LED Display for LED Video Wall Stage Vision Lighting and Ads<br /><br />LED Screen with flexible slim folder portable mobile light design for mobile stage video wall and vision lighting and advertisement<br /><br />Flexible LED Screen Video Wall with flexible, light-duty, foldable and instand installation design for road show background, music tour led wall, stage video, vision and lighting decorate, advertisement led screen, and rental led display, mobile led screen is a new invention all over the world, this video is provided by Fisher, contact: yuchao622@hotmail.com, http://ledaliveshow.com<br /><br />for more detail info about flexible led screen, please visit http://www.ledaliveshow.com, http://mobile-led-screen.ledaliveshow.com, http://youtu.be/oFU49fyCi1g