Hello Everyone! This is my channel. I'm mostly just a random guy on teh internetz who's rarely serious, pretty optimistic and very shy. If you like my stuff, feel free to subscribe if you really want too. Hope you enjoy my stuff here! <br /><br />Movies on Work <br /><br />Currently have no idea, i only make random videos now... I have a plan for a longer video but it might take some time. <br /><br />Fav RMS <br />MM1: Fire Man <br />MM2: Metal Man <br />MM3: Shadow Man <br />MM4: Pharoah Man <br />MM5: Star Man <br />MM6: Knight Man <br />MM7: Shade Man <br />MM8: Grenade Man/Tengu Man <br />MM&B: Magic Man <br />MM9: Hornet Man <br />MM10: Nitro Man <br />MMWW: Mega Water.S <br />MMV: Mercury/Jupiter <br />MMU (Fangame): Yoku Man <br />MMPU: Time Man <br />Mega Man Killer: Enker <br /><br />Runescape Username : Fleskhjerta <br />Flyff Username : Fleskhjerta <br />Tales Of Pirate Username : Fleskhjerta, Tajaki on Mermaid Island <br />MapleStory Username : Flesky in Scania <br />Mushroom Kingdom Fusion Reactor Forum : Fleskhjerta <br />AirRivals Username : Fleskhjerta <br />Justin.TV : fleskthedark <br />Hometown: <br />Kalmar, Sweden <br />Country: <br />Switzerland <br />Hobbies: <br />Play Games of Any Genre, Movie Making, Drawing... ALOT, Fencing, Swimming, Shooting.... <br />Films: <br />For TV Shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy and Scrubs. For cartoons: Ren & Stimpy, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Tom & Jerry(Old one), The old Looney Tunes and the old Disney cartoons. For Animes: Karin Chibi Vampire, Lucky Star, Rosario Vampire, Hidamari Sketch, The Melancholy of Haruhi-CHAN Suzumiya, Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, Higurashi, the japanese Super Mario Bros. anime, Megaman OVA and random fanmade Touhou movies. <br />Music: <br />Rock, Rock 'n' Roll, Hard Rock, Metal, Classic, Jazz, Swing, Boogie