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Code Name: Infinite Spirit. --- Occupation: Gideon Hunter/Killuminati ---Truth Seeker. Listening and Composing Music. Family and frienz. Nature. Meditationz. Walking my dog. Slapping people that utter stupid shiiet like Dude, you're a conspiracy theorist! Walking Old Ladies Across the street - Picking Strawberries from the field. - Visiting Your Mom's Residence - Punching and Beating the sh*t out of Santa Clause - Hunting for Giant Rabbits who lays Chocolate Eggs in the Night - Searching for Gideons who leaves Bibles at LUXOR Hotels, so I can ask them few questions - Etc.
Smoking as much Khronic Bluntz as possible be 4 I check out of this hell on earth. May the Universal Infinite Spirit help us all. Peace and One Love.

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ILLUMINATI PROJECT Part 1 - North American Union
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ILLUMINATI PROJECT Part 2 - Mr. Aaron Russo
ILLUMINATI PROJECT Part 3 - Federal Reserve
ILLUMINATI PROJECT Part 4 - Empire Of The City