Fancy Fortune Cookies

* * ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY * * <br /><br /> -- Welcome to the Fancy Fortune Cookies DailyMotion Channel -- Home of The Fortunate Ones Taste-Testing Club! <br /><br />Celebrating 20 Grand Years of Fortune Cookie Innovation -- The World's Original and Largest Fortune Cookie Flavor Selection! <br /><br />FLAVORED FORTUNE COOKIES!? <br /><br />Thats right! We've got em! In 1988, Fancy Fortune Cookies took the original (bland!) vanilla recipe and started creating GOURMET fortune cookie flavors. <br /><br />Today, we manufacture twenty-three (23) amazing Fortune Cookie Flavors <br /><br />Watch as our taste testers put their fortunate palates to work tasting 23 fun, unique, and shockingly delicious fortune cookie flavors right here on our DailyMotion Channel! <br /><br />Fancy Fortune Cookies is the World's Number One Fortune Cookie Baker. <br /><br /> <br /><br />Excellent Valentine's Day gifts; make your party, wedding, or other special event memorable. We're the best place to buy flavored and colored fortune cookies. We make all of our gourmet flavored fortune cookies fresh in our on-site bakery. Fancy Fortune Cookies make a great gift for that special someone, and are an attention-getting way to promote any special event. <br /><br />