Welcome to my other other domain... of madness ^_^! <br />I made this account because Youtube has got this incredibly stupid music copyright affair going on, so this is a little haven for my precious little videos to roam freely without getting copyright pwned ^.^ <br /><br />Go to my bebo page! <br />http://www.bebo.com/JennyTy... <br />Or you can go to my freewebs page!* <br />http://www.freewebs.com/fam... <br />*Still working on the site, expect stuff to be missing. <br /><br />MY RANDOM QUOTES <br />Fabsolutely! <br />Shiz! <br />Fwicked! <br />Stupoof! <br /><br />Personality: Mad, weird, crazy (those are my best features!). I am also kind, funny, loves sharing with friends, irritatingly polite (unless there's someone I hate, which in that case I tell them to go fuck themselves) and sometimes so easy to forget I'm there. <br />Likes: DOCTOR WHO. I also like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Silent Hill (even though I'm just starting to learn about it), old music, new music, fruit and veg, animals, Sims 2 and a whole load of other crap! <br />Dislikes: War, terrorism, racism, sexism, bullying, haters, liars, fraud... and parsnips. I FUCKING HATE THEM ALL!!! <br /><br />What else can I say... I'm just me! <br /><br />Hometown: Somewhere in Gallifrey <br />Country: United Kingdom <br />Occupation: Blue Smarties Dealer That Time Travels <br />Companies: Bad Wolf Corporation <br />Interests and Hobbies: Simming, making videos, time-travelling, reading, writing scripts for random Sims 2 series that I'm doing. <br />Films and Shows: Doctor Who (duh!), Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Run Fatboy Run, Resident Evil Trilogy, Torchwood, Mean Girls, Dodgeball and The Daleks. Anything Doctor Who! <br />Music: David Bowie, Mark Ronson, Michael Jackson (I love Thriller), Avril Lavigne, Kylie Minogue (she's okay), Linkin Park, MCR and themes such as Ghostbusters and Axel F. <br />Books: I do like a bit of Harry Potter here and there, and some Doctor Who books wouldn't go amiss ^_^!