Faeria.Studio is a computer game development studio located in Bordeaux (south of France) founded in 2006 to be a skill pool in Role playing gaming, and has become expert in online gaming. <br /><br />The company has gathered people dedicated to provide the very best in multi-player games and interactive gaming. In addition to a professional team of programmers and artists, Faeria.Studio works with experienced gamers to produce the highest quality products for the gaming audience. <br /><br />Their game concepts reflect the company's passion for role-playing and interactive storytelling, and were mainly designed for computers and mobile phones. <br /><br />Faeria.Studio currently works under a Worker Cooperative model with agile processes to better fit the fast-paced multimedia market. Please visit: http://studio.faeria.fr/ <br /><br />On the other side, the company has a division, Faeria.Events, specialized in team building and incentive events production, with high level of interactivity and immersion. For more information about us, please visit: http://events.faeria.fr/