French Handcuff Family

The French Handcuff Family is a french Backstreet Boys fans group using handcuffs as their symbol. It all started with a video that we saw on internet about a fan who threw handcuffs on stage during Never Gone tour Aj and Nick had a lot of fun with those handcuffs on stage. We had a lot of fun with this video and we decided to go on with this gag and we made a joke to Aj McLean on may 7th 2008 in liverpool thanks to Emma who gave him kiri's handcuff. <br />The French Handcuff Family is made up of 7 members: <br />(in alphabetical order) <br /><br />Cawoo <br />Jess <br />Kiri <br />Ludi <br />Mimi Frack <br />Pinoute <br />Vivi <br /><br />We don't have any contact with the Backstreet Boys, we simply are a fan group. Our goal is to have fun and having good times by sharing our passion for the BSB wich gives us so much each day of our lives.