Exopolitics Denmark

Videos on Dailymotion are part of Exopolitics Denmark's ongoing efforts to raise public awareness of the existence of sequestered exotic technology and a possible extraterrestrial presence on earth. <br /><br />Exopolitics Denmark's mission is to lobby the Danish government to: <br /><br />- pressure other countries to declassify documents and to re-open/conduct high-level hearings about a possible extraterrestrial presence and a suspected existence of advanced energy and propulsion systems. <br /><br />The government employees who are prepared to testify about an ET-presence under oath should be given immunity from their security oaths: <br /><br />TRUTH AMNESTY NOW! <br /><br />Why? <br /><br />- A release of advanced energy technologies might revolutionise the world's energy sector. It is possible that the systems could be used to e.g. combat global warming by eliminating the need for fossil fuels. Oil-related wars might become a thing of the past. <br /><br />- A release of advanced propulsion technology might revolutionise the world's transport sector, especially the CO2 generating aviation industry. <br /><br />- A release of technologies might boost environmental development and economic growth in third world countries drastically. It might have the potential to create major shifts in the world's geopolitical power structure. The latter - along with massive unpredictability and oil interests - could be some of the main reasons for the suspected classification. <br /><br />- Classifying information about an extraterrestrial presence would be a great crime against humanity and our democratic principles. If there is an ET-presence, all of humanity should know. A truth of this magnitude does not belong to a small elite. <br /><br />- The existence of unacknowledged, rogue, and highly compartmentalised energy and propulsion research programmes - with little or no high-level government and financial oversight - would be a great crime against humanity and our democratic principles.