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Hello everyone! I am new to Daily Motion but have recently moved from YouTube. My account there was Inked Entertainment, but since I was essentially 'exiled' from You Tube I changed it up a bit. I surfed Daily Motion and liked the quality of the videos as well as the fact that my video was not rejected or deleted as soon as it was uploaded.

Anyways, I will be moving all of my AMVs from both my YouTube accounts (junebugg89 and InkedEntertainment) to this account. For the time being I will upload one to two AMVs a night, until I have caught up with everything. After that I will resume my one AMV a week upload. Except for the first video on my page (Senna Tribute), I will be uploading my videos IN ORDER OF COMPLETION. Which means the very first AMV I made will be the first one I upload, and so on.

I take requests! Please send me a request via private message or email, depending on the availability of the clips and music it usually will take me no more than a week, but give me at least a week before you start asking 'Where is my AMV?'. I upload all requests UPON COMPLETION regardless of when I last uploaded a video of my own.

For now, enjoy what I have!

Senna [All I Wanted] Tribute
Naruto [Joy to the World] Parody
Howl [He's a Magic Man] AMV
Bleach [Rise Up From the Ashes] AMV

Bleach Parody
Fruits Basket
Hinamori x Aizen
Rurouni Kenshin
Spirited Away

Working On:
Breakfast Club
Devil May Cry the anime (2)
Team Rocket (request)
Yu Yu Hakusho

YouTube Projects:
Howl's Moving Castle
Devil May Cry 3
Full Metal Alchemist (2)
Wolf's Rain
Bleach Parody (2)
Sakura x Syaoran
Sailor Moon
Death Note
Orihime Tribute
Bleach (request)
Hubb x Cher
Claudia from Interview with the Vampire
A Little Princess
National Treasure Parody
Soul Eater
Fruits Basket (request)

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Devil May Cry Animals REQUEST

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