Who we are <br />Ewest-Logo is an online business providing computer graphic design services; meaning that we create projects (design) for our clients and that we are an enterprise that operates only on the Internet. We only serve and communicate with our clients by email. Receiving the description of our client's project by email and sending the file that contains the project to our client by email is the main activity of our enterprise. <br /><br />Our services <br />We create a variety of logos and web banners for our clients and they are all created according to the rules and/or description that our clients have sent to us by email. The following list contains a short enumeration of the different kinds of projects that we can create for our customers: <br />Standard logos (logos with no animation ) Animated logos <br />Standard web banners (web banners with no animation ) <br />Animated banners <br /><br />Our mission <br />The objective of our enterprise is to become a web banner provider for Web designers, and a logo provider for computer graphic design enterprises. We also want to be a source of reference for the normal customers when they need a project (those who are not involve in any of the business mentioned above). <br /><br />To visit our website: www.ewestlogo.com