In my teens I was skinny, pale and had bad acne. In my twens the acne was gone, I got into fitness and was still slim, but not underweight. <br /><br />Then I got a desk job. And kept eating as much as I did when I was still into fitness. After some years this resulted in me weighing 196 lbs at 5'11" and being miserable. <br /><br />In 2007 I realized something had to change. I had to find a way to lose weight and get fitness back into my life and make it fit into my busy schedule. <br /><br />Two things I found paved the way for me: The Hacker's Diet with its no-nonsense approach to weight loss showed me how much I had been kidding myself, and a home workout website, which had me realize good workouts don't actually need a gym. <br /><br />In other words: If you read this and are overweight, I have been there. And if I was able to turn things around, you can do it, too, no matter if you don't have enough money or time or are too self-conscious to join a gym and follow fancy diet plans. This is why I do these videos and I hope they will be of some help to you. <br /><br />If you like you can also follow me on my blog at <br /><br />http://evilcyber.com/ <br /><br />Please keep in mind I am not a health professional. My videos reflect my personal experiences and research with and about fitness and nutrition.