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I’ve been an artist as far back as I can remember, but didn’t start doing it professionally until I was 13 years old. Since then, I’ve been selling original work & doing freelance commissions on and off. My influences include, but aren’t limited to, pro wrestling, anime, manga, comic books, and video games.
As of right now, I’m doing everything 100% digital. Prior to that, I was doing artwork via pencil & paper, and that’s how I taught myself initially. I’d like to start making a living as an artist. All of my jobs till now were to subsidize my progression & self study as an artist. And while commissions, freelance, and original sales are nice, it’d be better to have a consistent income via art.
Currently, I’m doing original art and selling it via online merchants. Also, I’m accepting requests again for commission work, all of which can also be delivered via the online merchants. The pieces I’ll do are Ads, Logos, Pinups, Portraits, and Scenic. Also, my original work is available for licensing to companies that want it. Just send me an email, and we can discuss the detail accordingly.

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