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Watch the best of European entertainment with Eurochannel On Demand on Dailymotion! <br /><br />Watch full-length, uncut and HD European movies, documentaries and TV series, start your European journey right here, right now!<br /><br />MOVIES<br />More than 100 movies currently available including: LITTLE ROSE (POLAND), THE DISPENSABLES(GERMANY), SHOP OF DREAMS (ESTONIA), PULSAR: LOVE, PARANOIA AND RADIO WAVES (BELGIUM), THE TWO LIVES OF ANDRES RABADAN (SPAIN), LOVE (SLOVAKIA), TRAPPED (IRELAND), THE IDIOT RETURNS (CZECH REPUBLIC), THE MYSTERY OF SINTRA (PORTUGAL), THE TALE OF THE PINK BUNNY (KAZAKHSTAN), ELEPHANT (RUSSIA), THE BEAR (ROMANIA), JULIA’S DISAPPEARANCE (SWITZERLAND), SUSA (GEORGIA)<br /><br />DOCUMENTARIES<br />More than 60 documentaries currently available including: FANTASTIC ROME (ITALY), LOIRE VALLEY CHATEAUX (FRANCE), HIGHLAND CLANS (SCOTLAND), THE WILD MAN (NORWAY), THE AMBULANCE (SERBIA)<br /><br />TV SERIES <br />New TV series: THE CLASS - LIFE AFTER (ESTONIA), UNDERWORLD TRILOGY (FINLAND) and HOME/WORK (WALES), PROSPERITY (IRELAND), TORPEDO (NORWAY)<br /><br />Website :<br /><br /><br />Facebook : <br /><br /><br />Twitter :<br /><br /><br />And Watch us also on Dish Network