EssetinoConnexions is a blog website aimed at artists and performers who are interested in Promoting Themselves Online, Creating a Fan Base and Using Their Talent to Make Money Online. <br /><br /> A repository of useful articles for the entrepreneurial artist or performer. These articles are aimed to help you with many aspects of branding yourself online and promoting your talents on the World Wide Web. <br /><br /> Extremely useful free online tools that help you build your fan base, people who like you and what you do, whether you‘re a painter, model, musician, photographer or comedian. You will also learn creating this fan base is the key to making money using your talent online. <br /><br /> Access to our “Tool Kit” – a list of recommended resources for the entrepreneurial artist or performer that make it easier for you to continue doing what you love and make money from it online. <br /><br /> Fresh content added regularly, including interviews with other entrepreneurs and experts, how-to instructional articles and videos on current hot topics like branding yourself, blogging and social media marketing. <br /><br />Co-founded by two passionate artists/entrepreneurs, Auret Esselen and Jewel Tolentino, who recognized an enormous need for more resources that help other artists and performers become successful using 21st century techniques – using the World Wide Web as their stage.