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SPECIALTIES: <br /> <br />Custom Website Design & Development | Website Designer | Search Engine Optimization Services | Online Video Marketing <br /> <br />This is supposed to be the bragging rights section. I can’t brag about myself. I’m only as good as my team…, which happens to be outstanding. Without my team I am zero. <br /> <br />MY TEAM: <br /> <br />My Professional Team Has Built over One Thousand First-Class Websites for Small Businesses on a "Rent-To-Own" basis with no large up-front fees. <br /> <br />MY TEAM’S SECRET SAUCE REVEALED: <br /> <br />1. The "Rent-To-OWN" structure (AFFORDABLE): <br /> <br />As mentioned above, our clients pay us nothing up front. We take on all the up front risk. They pay us off with a SMALL monthly fee. (How do we survive?) <br /> <br />2. We Have Over One Thousand Existing Websites Out There Today: <br /> <br />This affords us a residual income which allows us to create this high-end product and pass on substantial savings to our clients. <br /> <br />3. We Have A Better Than 95% Retention Rate <br /> <br />Even though we require no long term commitment, our clients stay with us for the simple reason that we save them money, time, and headaches. (A First-Class Product doesn’t hurt either) <br /> <br />4. We Make It EASY: <br /> <br />Normally... once you’ve paid a web developer to design and build your site... You pay the ENTIRE bill... and they’re done! <br /> <br />If you wanted to make any changes, you’d have to break out your wallet each time…, each change. (We Hate That Model!) <br /> <br />With our program…, our expert team will update your website, add new photos..., create more pages as needed…, anytime you want to…. For free. <br /> <br />5. We Include High-End Marketing Tools (NO CHARGE): <br /> <br />[See all tools listed in the SUMMARY SECTION above] <br /> <br />How Does This Work For You? <br />Rent-To-Own… Pay as you go. <br />Zero Up-Front Costs - Save a minimum of $1,500.00 <br />No Contracts <br />No Hidden Fees <br />No long-term commitment <br /> <br />To learn more about our Custom Website Development Package..., Visit us at: <br /> <br />http://www.envisionwebsolutions.com