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This is supposed to be the bragging rights section. I can’t brag about myself. I’m only as good as my team…, which happens to be outstanding. Without my team I am zero.


My Professional Team Has Built over One Thousand First-Class Websites for Small Businesses on a "Rent-To-Own" basis with no large up-front fees.


1. The "Rent-To-OWN" structure (AFFORDABLE):

As mentioned above, our clients pay us nothing up front. We take on all the up front risk. They pay us off with a SMALL monthly fee. (How do we survive?)

2. We Have Over One Thousand Existing Websites Out There Today:

This affords us a residual income which allows us to create this high-end product and pass on substantial savings to our clients.

3. We Have A Better Than 95% Retention Rate

Even though we require no long term commitment, our clients stay with us for the simple reason that we save them money, time, and headaches. (A First-Class Product doesn’t hurt either)

4. We Make It EASY:

Normally... once you’ve paid a web developer to design and build your site... You pay the ENTIRE bill... and they’re done!

If you wanted to make any changes, you’d have to break out your wallet each time…, each change. (We Hate That Model!)

With our program…, our expert team will update your website, add new photos..., create more pages as needed…, anytime you want to…. For free.

5. We Include High-End Marketing Tools (NO CHARGE):

[See all tools listed in the SUMMARY SECTION above]

How Does This Work For You?
Rent-To-Own… Pay as you go.
Zero Up-Front Costs - Save a minimum of $1,500.00
No Contracts
No Hidden Fees
No long-term commitment

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