Founded in 2009, EnviroCitizen.org is a new, green, online community offering a forum to green lifestyle consumers with a thoroughly comprehensive website combining in-depth information consumers can use, an active and user friendly forum as well as the widest assortment of eco-friendly products and services. The website offers nearly 1,000 custom articles on a wide range of topics that relate to sustainability and our green lifestyles: from Home to Gardening, Personal Care, Alternative Energy, Building and Renovation, Vacations and Travel, Consumer Services and an excellent Education Center. <br /><br />EnviroCitizen.org also continues to produce free, original articles about sustainability, conservation, green tips, and consumer advocacy to inform both the website's community and visitors to the site looking for expert information on a specific green topic. <br /><br />This new, green community website also provides the largest (and constantly growing) online offering of eco-friendly products and services available today.