Samantha Jane Lister

Hello to all that reads this. My full name is Samantha Jane Lister, and I live in a town called Telford in England and attend Lord Silkin High School. I have a mixed personality. I am sometimes a little shy and unsure of myself, but other times I am hyper and confident...strange I know. <br />My career ambition is to me a Journalist, but write books as well (which I already do). Lifewise, I hope with all my heart that I end up being in happily stable marriage and to have children, but that is a long way off at the moment. <br />On this account you will find that most of my videos are amvs of Anime characters, mostly Pokemon ones. I love chatting to people who are into the same things as me, but even if your hobbies and stuff differ from mine, chat to me because I am friendly to everyone that diserves it. <br />huggles and kisses <br />EnglishAngel667