The Energy Broker Group is not a Multi-level Marketing (MLM) plan. The support and its technology is completely free for qualified affiliates. With no start up or monthly fees, and no cost or obligation to become an Affiliate, the opportunity to generate income is unlimited: you have the ability to get upfront and residual payments plus overriding commissions from referred affiliates in a large network operation. <br /><br />Your easy-to-access support team will enable you and your customers to: <br /><br />Get instant quotes from multiple national energy providers <br /><br />See a comprehensive savings analysis <br /><br />Lock in rates online and generate contracts automatically <br /><br />Save you prospects up to 30% on their electricity bill <br /><br />You can supply your clients.. <br /><br />Commercial Energy <br />Residential <br />Energy <br />Natural <br />Gas <br /><br />Fixed & Adjustable Products <br /><br />You can provide 6, 12 , 24, 36 month long energy contracts. <br />This means you will be able to build residual income for yourself year after year. <br /><br />There's absolutely no cost or obligation to obtain a quote or compare rates with Energy Broker Group, you find the clients and YOU make 100% of the total margin, month after month after month! <br />If you are interested, I invite you to contact us or check out our website <br /><br />Visit Energy Broker Group EXPLODING! Opportunity!