Crystal Jonas

Hi, I'm Crystal Jonas. <br /><br />Working with emotional intelligence and leadership training in the workplace, I offer training, consulting, coaching, speaking, keynote speaking, and programs for personal, corporate and private business groups. My specialty is improving communications skills and developing leadership skills through emotional intelligence training. I am a nine time published author on subjects related to emotional intelligence. In helping people become emotionally intelligent, I coach and speak on being more assertive and assertive communication, managing emotions, how to deal with difficult people, time management, powerful communication skills for women, and a host of other topics to fit your needs. When it comes to emotional intelligence, I love helping people be at their best. SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTERS AT MY WEBSITE <br /><br />Working with Emotional intelligence and leadership training for being more in the workplace through assertiveness training, emotional intelligence coaching and managing emotions. Training helps you become more emotionally intelligent; it improves communication and behavior skills at work and in your personal life so you can enjoy the success you are worthy of!