dRe▲m c▲Tcher in the Rye - MUSIC COMPOSER - SOUNDESIGNER- DJ - REMIXER - RADIOSELCTA - BLOGGER @Localsuicide @Fubiz @Wishyouwerehear from Paris .<br /><br />Booking & Press Contact : emeraldia.ayakashi.management@gmail.com<br /><br />" Some DJ careers are built on hype. Emeraldia Ayakashi’s career is built on substance. A musician who thinks of music as energy, uses sound as a raw material, and sees the whole world as his instrument. " NME<br /><br />On 17th December 2010, she released her first E.P "Automat" <br />and also an exclusive track " Lipstick Traces "on Compilation #100 on March 2011 .<br /><br />On 24th of August 2012, she released E.P " I Walk to the Beat of my Own Drum " with "Sometimes", "Orage" and "I Walk to the beat of my Own Drum" .<br />http://soundcloud.com/emeraldia/sets/emeraldia-i-walk-to-the-beat<br />for Reiz Muzik ( IT ) .<br /><br />All Emeraldia's tracks are available to download on Beatport, Juno & Itunes .<br /><br />https://www.facebook.com/Emeraldia.Em<br />https://twitter.com/Iheartemeraldia<br />http://soundcloud.com/emeraldia