i started playing around with the idea of making my own music. <br />The first Recorder i had was Tascam Porta 2mkll, i think it was version 1 or 2. Very basic, so i quickly became proficient at it, and finished a few techno/experimental/rock/metal tracks with it. There’s a couple of them i still remember, they were very cool, i wish i still had them around in some form. Then i got FruityLoops 3 and went to prog heaven – it was dificult doing anything in it that wasn´t Techno music, but it also taught me how to work with drum machines and synthesizers and step sequencing and it was a lot of fun. Fast Forward some years , 2002, and the production bug bit me hard this time I started on fruityLoops 3,then to Roland sp-808,then to a VS- 1180 Roland,then finally went with cubase 2,then to Fruity 5,6,7 then FINALLY!! ABLETON LIVE! is my sequencer of choice now , i love it and i’m probably gonna have many posts in the blog and website devoted to this awe inspiring D.A.W.