Ely Sakhai

Ely Sakhai is an American actor and movie director, born and was raised in New York. He was born into a family with a flair for the arts. As a child Sakhai loved film and knew that he wanted to build his adult life in the entertainment industry. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles. Having dreams of being an actor in a city that was dense with individuals fighting for the same thing, Ely Sakhai took any job available. He took a position as a production assistant on several low budget films. He eventually segued into theater performing in several plays. <br />Ely made his transition into television in the early 90’s landing several recurring roles on sitcoms and drama series, including an Emmy-nominated performance for “Twice& Again” in 1992. In 1995 he co-starred in the highly acclaimed film “Cold Summer”. The audience adored his portrayal of the character he played. During this period Ely Sakhai also starred in the big screen adaptation “Of Mice and Man”. From there Sakhai started to make television and movie appearances, including a role in the 2001 John Ethel film, Flat Line. <br />He also started to earn more name recognition as a writer and performer on The Maverick show. Ely Sakhai was also experiencing success in his romantic live. In 2005 he met his future wife Nora. The couple got married the following year.